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NOTICE, This information has changed JAN 2, 2006 is about to undergo some major changes.  This old site structure is GOING!  I'm bringing in a new framework and backend engine.  A REAL forums section will begin (With moderators) and new content, FINALLY!  Anyone interested in becoming a moderator for a forum send me an email at  This is Jan 2 2006,  you got 30 days before the changes are final. 

The exploits section is a great place to go and find out just how secure your system is. Will it hold up to these exploits? This section is updated regularly

The reference section currently only contains the "New Hackers Dictionary" in html format.

The how-to sections offered will explain both how to increase security as well as show the vulnerabilities of systems and security. There are many programs available that test the security of files, systems, and passwords, some of these programs will be discussed here. These programs are also offered as-is, and credit should be given to each programmer of these programs receptively.

The articles section contains articles of almost any nature. Many of these articles are written by others in the internet community that wish to share their knowledge (as well as opinions) with others. If you have an idea or article that you wish to share simply e-mail it to us with the name or handle you would like the article credited to. Articles submitted can cover any aspect of security or security hole (exploit) of a system. System includes equipment of any type that might include or utilized security. Examples might be computers, readers, networks, communications equipment.

The files section contains tools and utilities of all kinds. Explore! If you have any programs or utilities that you feel should be here e-mail them to me and get credit as a information provider!!

Other great links are also provided! These links are organized by subject matter, if you have a site that you feel should be here e-mail it to me. Please no pornographic or sex related sites.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. If you have suggestions about the pages or things that could be added let me know. If you would like to be an information provider, or just want to say hi to the crew leave it here or e-mail us.




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